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! Outage Warning & General Notices
There are no current outages to Brisbane City Council's online services


***General Notices***

Payments on computers with Kaspersky Anti-Virus
For payments made through Brisbane City Council's Online Services, it has been identified there is an issue with any made on computers which have the Kaspersky ‘Safe Money’ enabled.
To avoid this issue, users can set up an exception in Kaspersky Safe Money on their computer for Brisbane City Council’s Online Services to allow successful payments and transactions.

If you have an Online Services account that has been deactivated,
you can have the account reactivated by calling Brisbane City Council on 07 3403 8888

Please note for Fast track applications with less than 10 fixtures,
an additional fee may be applicable if there is a related Development Application.

Building Certification (Private Building Certifiers only). Council is aware of the new Planning Act requirement which commences 3 July 2017 for DA Form 2. Council is currently in the process of updating the Building Documentation Attachments screen to reflect the change.

Both registered and unregistered users can use most of these services, some services are restricted to registered users only.

Why register?

When you register, you create your own profile. Each time you log in and use this service, your details, including your name and address, will be filled in for you. Any personal information we collect is held in strict accordance with the Council's privacy statement.

Registration can be set up for either an organisation or individual users. Registration is recommended for regular users.

Registered products

You must register to use the following services:

  • building certification (for private building certifiers only)
  • domestic plumbing applications (excludes septic tank and aerobic treatment systems)
  • commercial plumbing applications (excludes septic tank and aerobic treatment systems)
  • request for on maintenance
  • subdivision plan lodgement

After you register online, Council will confirm your details. It can take up to two business days to process your registration and finalise your profile. In the meantime you can still log in and use a limited number of the online services not requiring registration.

You will receive a confirmation email when your registration is completed and you are able to log in and view all of the online services.

Please note: some specialised online services require you to perform extra steps to gain full access to that service. After you log in you are advised of which services require you to perform extra steps.

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Unregistered products

You do not need to register to use the following services:

  • conveyance searches (Inspection of records search, Building search, Planning & Development Certificate)
  • current rates balance enquiry
  • upgrade conveyance search to fast track
  • animal registration - new registration
  • animal registration - renew registration
  • animal registration - change registration details
  • animal registration - cancel registration
  • animal registration - transfer ownership
  • waste service - green waste bin(s) and/or increased recycling capacity - residential
  • waste service - commerce and industry co-mingled recycling
  • waste service - multi unit dwelling
  • waste service - newly built residential property
  • waste service - report a bin problem

However, if you intend to use these services often, we recommend that you register.

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